Theme:  Praise ( Healing Ministry Sunday)

Ref: 1 Samuel 2: 1 - 8
        Collosians 2: 1 - 7
        Luke 17: 11 - 19
Today we don't have joy in our heart but paul says rejoice in lord always . Joy is from God only . He only fills real Joy in our heart.

Hanah was sad as she didn't have child. She used to pray crying in front of the Lord . Some while praying she used to get so emotional that only lips used to move and no voice coming out. God Heard her prayer and blessed her with a child. That filled her heart with Joy . So we should rejoice because God always favours us .

When Ten lepers came to jesus seeking healing . Jesus healed them and told them to go to high priest and get it checked . Out of ten , nine left for their home while one came back to jesus thanking him for the blessing he received . He fell down at Jesus's feet and praised him. Such a Joy is to be with God.

So we should be rejoicing in Christ always .