Rolling The Stone
Two thousand years ago
With the Power of Resurrection,
Jesus rolled the stone from His sealed tomb.
He rose up, Victorious, from the dead.
To pave a path for Eternal Life.

Many a time, I am Ďdeadí,
Emotionally, Spiritually,
(This might lead to physical or mental death)
Battling wars in my mind, sometimes with myself too!
Nursing wounds and breeding pain.

In moments like these
I call upon the Lord
To roll the stones over
(Because I cannot do it on my own!)
That blocks my heart, mind and self.

I plead to Him to resurrect in me,
To let His everlasting Love fill me from the inside out,
To help me throw away my fear, doubts and inhibitions,
And let the Peace that passeth all understanding settle in me.

For no one else can roll these stones away,
That have blocked the entrance of my heart,
Choking emotions, blood, words and even air.
Somewhere along the way they piled up and now they wonít even budge!
But Godís unfailing Love will melt them away.

And now I say this to you with experience
Ask Jesus to roll the stones away,
Let Him into your life,
Open your hearts to Him,
And let Him set you free.